bulletWo wohnst du genau 1?     -    8 Hot Potatoes activities on houses & locations including listening.
bulletWo wohnst du genau 2?    -    Half a Minute jumbled words quiz against the clock
bulletWo wohnst du genau 3 ?    -    Active Hub blur game
bullet Wo wohnst du genau 4?    -    Active Hub memory game
bulletWo wohnst du genau 5 ?    -    Active Hub Penguin Crossing game
bulletHouses & Locations          -       Worksheet labelling activity to print - excel version
bulletHouses & Locations          -        Classroom prompts for simple dice game - ppt version
bulletLocation Hoopshoot         -        Content generator game
bulletLocation On Target          -        Content generator game


bulletLocation Vokis



Herr Braun



Memory Quiz